To get started with this faction you go first to K3 (the goblin town) in the south of Storm Peaks. You will get a quest to rescue a missing goblin. You will eventually find a Vykrul female in a prison, and eventually meet Thorim after the Drakkensryd. Thorim will ask you to talk to the King of the Frost Giants in Dun Niffelem. From this point forward when you do a few quests for the Sons of Hodir, you gain reputation with them. Once you become friendly, you will have access to the Quartermaster Lillehoff found near the King. Below you can see the items obtained at Honored, Revered and Exalted. There are at least three daily quests that will help you gain reputation with the Sons of Hodir. Each quest gives 250 reputation. If you buy alcohol with the Runes of Ulduar tokens you can increase reputation gain by 5% for an hour. (262 reputation per quest).