Cryptozoic Entertainment has a special Holidays promo giving away an exclusive foil The Boon of Remulos card to anyone who purchases $10 or more in World of Warcraft Trading Card Game products. Are you a store? Contact Cryptozoic to receive a package of these cards to promote sales, or tip your local store manager.

Have a card on us!

Just in time for your holiday shopping, you can pick up a foil The Boon of Remulos for spending $10 or more on World of Warcraft TCG products. That includes Icecrown, Icecrown Epic Collection, and Archives. Hobby stores around the world running Battlegrounds received this counter card today, so drop by your local hangout this week and pick-up your exclusive promo card!

Stores interested in participating in Battlegrounds, the World of Warcraft TCG hobby exclusive organized play program, and future promotions should contact