With the PTR build update the World of Warcraft TCG Loot Cards are now redeemable on PTR servers.  Go to Booty Bay and talk to Lando Longshot (The Black Flame).

Choose Scourgewar. These are the codes:

Tuskarr Kite: 1111
Spectral Tiger Cub: 2222
Mini-Mount: 3333

Upper Deck Announces The World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game’s 10th Expansion: Scourgewar™. Make a Statement with Your Own Scourgewar™ Loot™ Cards!

Carlsbad, CA (September 11, 2009) – The Upper Deck Company is pleased to announce that its 10th World of Warcraft™ Trading Card Game’s expansion set – entitled Scourgewar™ –  will be released on November 24. TCG players in the online realms have been hard at work in Northrend for almost a year now, with the Wrath of the Lich King letting adventurers land on the frozen continent and take on everything it has to offer. And now the action will be coming to your local game store.

Amid the powerful new Death Knight cards and other secrets Upper Deck has waiting for players in this next expansion, you’re probably dying to get a look at the newest additions to the Loot™ card assortment. Without further adieu, let’s dive right in. Loot™ cards:

Tiny – Say hello to our newest little friend. Tauren and Draenei, now we have the ultimate irony you’ve been waiting for. The newest super-common Loot™ card will give you a mini mount that will carry you around as fast as his little legs will take him