So we are going to have a lot of fun out of Mechagon. There are a lot of cool mechanics out there, a lot of cool things to collect; but ultimately, we are going to have at some point come in and stop King Mechagon and his doomsday device.

So in the death of night, you and the Rustbolt resistance are going to make your way around the Junker Wastes… you are going to take out these hunter killer robots, and burst your way into Mechagon city proper.

That is Operation: Mechagon. This is a double-sized 8-boss dungeon that culminates with a climatic battle in King Mechagon’s lightning-shrouded tower against his giant deathrobot.

In Operation: Mechagon, you are making your way up through the trash compactor, like any good gnomish operation does, defeating the giant trash compactor robots; and then up into Mechagon city, shown here.

The Mechagon city denizens aren’t exactly friendly toward us, and they aren’t going to welcome us. In addition, the city itself has been weaponized against you. You will see machine-guns popping out of headroads.

Nothing here is exactly our friends. So watch your back. Ultimately, you make your way all the way up to King Mechagon himself. Operation: Mechagon contains awesome loot, new drops, and all kinds of crazy Mechagnome activities. Let’s take a quick look at Operation: Mechagon.

Mechagon contains an awesome new trinket as well. You are going to pick this up during your early questing, and you can get advancements for it through both: questing and the Mechagon Megadungeon.

This is the Pocket-Sized Computational Device. This is a customizable trinket where you will get Punch Cards of the Yellow, Red, and Blue variety that you can mix and match, and collect, and socket them into your Pocket-Sized Computational Device making the trinket that is right for you.

We thought this is a fun new way to explore trinket design; and we are really looking forward to your feedback on all of the different Punch Cards for your device.

1. Rundown2. Nazjatar3. Raid: Eternal Palace4. Mechagon Island5. Megadungeon
6. Heart of Azeroth7. Heritage Armor8. War Campaign9. Heroic Warfronts10. PvP
11. Island Expeditions12. Flying & Mounts13. Season 314. Loot!15. Recap & PTR

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