The Robodrome

Next up, for pit players that enjoy PvP, take the fight to the mechanical arena in Mechagon called: The Robodrome. The Robodrome contains the warring and clanking gizmos and gears that you would expect of a mechanical arena with some awesome new line-of-sight blockers, and great visibility for arena fights.

PvP players will also welcome the addition of a brand-new epic battleground — welcome back, to one of the most epic battlegrounds of all timeā€¦ Ashran. Ashran will be joining the epic battleground docket. Welcome back, Ashran.

1. Rundown2. Nazjatar3. Raid: Eternal Palace4. Mechagon Island5. Megadungeon
6. Heart of Azeroth7. Heritage Armor8. War Campaign9. Heroic Warfronts10. PvP
11. Island Expeditions12. Flying & Mounts13. Season 314. Loot!15. Recap & PTR

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