Fan 3: I mean, I know you guys have some wonderful talent in-house — so is that the route that is going to go or is it something dimmer.

Duncan: I can’t tell you any of the details on the music, but what I can tell you, as true to the spirit of the world and the characters, I think it is as important that the music also has a presence. Because the music for the game itself, it envelopes you, it brings you into the game world. And the music of the film has to be as true to — as the game is … as the environment is.

Fan 3: All right, thank you.


Fan 4: So my question, when I think of humans versus orcs, I think of that traditionally cinematic where the Infernal comes down and breaks them apart. Now the armor of the human is very exaggerated, very cool. Kinda unrealistic, but I would love to see that translated to real life. Will you guys be able to keep that Blizzard style intact in the armor?


Duncan: That has been a huge part of the development and the work that we have been doing together. Especially with Nick and the team of artists, they have at Blizzard that defines that fine line where it is believable and it works in a real world situation but it stays true to the scale and impressiveness, I think of the game model.

Westenhofer: The swords that are being built are the biggest swords that a human can wield, I can tell you that much. It wouldn’t disappoint.

Pardo: Well, and that is one of the big challenges with the costuming is, I think our costumes, digital characters can wear, but maybe not actual actors.

Metzen: I can’t see with this damn thing!

Fan 5: Blizzard has been really amazing in realeasing collector’s art books and even in bookstores — Cinematics art books. Are there any plans for an art book about this movie?


Duncan: There are certainly no plans at this stage, but what I would say is we are documenting the process as we go along; and the concept artwork of what is been made for the film — obviously you would see full pieces but that’s like 4,000 — I mean there are so much artwork behind-the-scenes that is being generated. I would love to see something at some point come out. I know my beautiful wife is doing a behind-the-scenes photography of all the construction and all the departments’ work. So I don’t know what we will end up doing, but certainly we got the assets for it. So hopefully at some point in the future. I would love for that stuff to get released.

Fan 6: My question is about the cast — since you are going to start filming in January, Do you have any cast worked out?


Duncan: Yup! Sure do. Lots of them.

(Crowd laughs)

Fan 7: I don’t know if you can tell that much, but Can you cast Chuck Norris?


Duncan: I think the question is can I not cast Chuck Norris? I think he can do anything.

Fan 8: I grew up on these games. Are you still casting for these movies? I’m an actor. I would love to be in it. All this people want to know that too.


Duncan: I’m trying to think if I can give you some lines, that you can try right now but that would be telling too much. Sorry I can’t do that.

Fan 9: Do you plan to make the film into a trilogy?


Duncan: Into a trilogy? I think for us right now it is absolutely about getting this first film right and making sure that we tell the story that we want to tell; but let’s be honest, if we are going to do this right and it works out, I think we would all be excited and enthusiastic about continuing the story. It is not like we have a lack of stories to tell, and we certainly have an amazing cast of characters.

Metzen: We could really make a number of trilogies if we really put our minds to it. (Note: he is teasing Diablo, Warcraft, StarCraft, etc.)

Fan 10: Is the film going to be set in the Eastern Kingdoms or in Draenor?


(long silence … Metzen uses his hands to signal rock, paper, scissor at Rob Pardo)


Metzen: I’d say that the majority of the tale does take place in familiar locales located in what we know as the Eastern Kingdoms.

Duncan: I just heard someone uncock a gun over there in the back, but I think you are ok.

Metzen. It’s cool. It’s OK. Did I just hear the Eastern Kingdoms of Outland? Is that what I heard?

Fan 11: You made a few references to a lot of superhero movies and other nerdy movies, and among those there tends to be a lack of representation of strong female characters; and Warcraft notably succeed in doing that — as you can see — you have a fairly mixed audience in here. Especially for a convention like this. Are you planning to cast some of the heroic characters? I know Garona is around here, and Sylvanas. And Jaina, and Tyrande. I mean, the list goes on. So far everyone mentioned male.

Pardo: Actually, I think one of the challenges that these guys have had have been kinda funny for, I think, especially Chris and I — if you look into the lore of that era it is pretty much a bunch of white guys. I think one of the challenges that we … when you are young and you are making up characters, just making up what you know — what really the movie guys have been saying is you should have more female characters. I think it would be better for the movie. So that’s actually been Duncan, Bill and the movie guys have been really pushing that quite a bit and obviously we are out of reveals today, but it is a huge value for the production and for Duncan himself and I think you guys are going to be pleased when we finally can reveal more details.

Duncan: Without revealing too much I think we can’t really reveal more names, but I think any of you who know your lore will see that there will definitely be opportunities for some very strong female lead roles in what we are doing.



Call in allies to harvest trees for Garrison Supplies and more!


Call in allies to harvest trees for Garrison Supplies and more!


Call in allies to harvest trees for Garrison Supplies and more!