During the Press Coverage, Omacron and Warlock took photos of the tour through several Blizzard game departments including the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm office. There they found several concept art on the walls and barely got out of the studios before the security guards could catch them.

These concept art show new Cataclysm bestiary mobs like the Dark Troll, the Gilgoblin (aquatic goblin), the Deep Sea Murloc, Barramunda, Shale Spider, Dragon Turtle, and the Sea Hag among many others.

The most incredible concept art is a huge mural that shows Deathwing’s transformation into his new humanoid form, and he’s scary as heck. A hint players are going to see him often a la Lich King, taunting us every zone?

Check out the gallery of photos here.