Ammunae the Construct of Life is one of the four bosses in the Four Seats chamber located in the second floor of the Halls of Origination.

It is a very easy fight if DPS players pay attention. The battle lasts approximately a minute, or a bit longer.

For the whole duration of the fight, Seedling Pods will start spawning at Ammunae’s feet. The Seedling Pods do not have a nameplate, thus the safe way to do this is for two DPS players to press TAB on their keyboard to shift focus from Ammunae to any adds showing up. Kill those pods asap. Taking a look at the combat log, you will notice these Seedling Pods actually heal Ammunae for over 16,000 health. Three pods can potentially heal him for 45,000 health a second.

Therefore, DPS players should constantly attack the boss blowing their trinkets, and pressing TAB to get rid of the pods. If a pod is left unchecked for too long, it will transform into an Elite Bloodpetal flower. Things get really nasty if many of these start showing up and aggro the healer. If many show up, it means the boss have been getting healed by the pods at heart’s desire and will take longer than usual to kill.

There are two spells Ammunae casts often at players every few seconds: Wither and Consume Life Energy. It’s a visible green lightning targeted at a random player. He will look in that player’s direction and the player will levitate above the ground with the strangle animation. The player won’t be able to move or cast for three seconds. I haven’t tried if it can be dispelled. While the combat log doesn’t describe what Wither is, the Consume Life Energy makes Ammunae gain 10 energy per sec for three seconds, and does damage to the afflicted player for that duration.

Safe thing to do is to ignore these, and focus on the true menace: the Seedling Pods.

At some point during the fight, the healer will have to pump AOE heals, or cast Divine Hymn. You will see a huge green shockwave causing around 30,000 damage to all players.

One tip for tanks: dead spores leave a big radius on the ground covered by Noxious Spores which deal nature damage to anyone standing on them including to Ammunae and the Bloodpetals. If you see more than one Bloodpetal, the spores might be a good way to get rid of them. You can try to kite the boss on top of these noxious spores to cause him extra damage (it is an orange stain on the ground).

Seedling Pod

  • Energizing Growth: Heals Ammunae for 16598 health.


  • Noxious Spores: hits all players in range for 11654 Nature damage. It can also damage Ammunae and the Bloodpetal Sprout for 4649 Nature according to the combat log.


  • Melee Swing: hits for 10328 – 34086 Physical damage.

  • Consume Life Energy: Ammunae will face in the direction of a random player and cast a green beam from his hand draining life and power. Ammunae gains 10 energy per sec. The player gets a 3 sec debuff causing 3060 – 3667 Nature damage per sec. The player won’t be able to move or cast.

  • Rampant Growth: a huge green expansion wave that hits all players in 100 yards. Hits for 23705 – 32988 Nature damage.

  • Wither: No data shows in the combat log. It’s cast often and looks like a blue lightning aimed at a random player. I noticed it is cast on players with mana. Since there’s no combat log description it might mean it doesn’t do damage, but might affect mana, or damage dealt somehow, or increase damage taken.

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