Oh Shinies! Don’t you love the smell of easy loot? Setesh is one of the four constructs at the Four Seats section of the Halls of Origination in the second floor. His appearance is that of the egyptian deity of chaos: Set (greyhound face).

Setesh can’t be tanked. He is a caster and has a weird aggro table. He will cast up to three Chaos bolts to random players dealing approximately 10,000 chaos damage to each. His hands will glow green while he channels the 3 sec spell.

Within the first ten seconds, Setesh will walk to a corner of the room to cast Chaos Portal. A portal opens up and three type of mobs will spawn: Void Sentinel, Void Seeker and Void Wurms. Don’t panic. Ignore the adds. Some players recommend to kill the Void Seekers, but you will do fine ignoring them and simply focusing DPS on Setesh.

Setesh will open a second portal approximately 30-40 seconds later.

Setesh will often cast a spell that leaves a massive black and green lava spot on the ground. It is easy to detect it. You will see a large purple missile going your way before it lands. Similar to the purple missile cast by Faceless Ones in the Ahkahet: the Old Kingdom. Players standing on this green+black lava spot will get 10,000 damage per tick. Simply run away from it.

Setesh will sometimes stand still to channel a spell that creates several green bubbles within 20 yards around Setesh. It would be smart for melee dps to run away from Setesh while he channels that spell.

This boss is so easy it doesn’t require much of a strategy other than the obvious. The Tank only needs to aggro each mob that comes from the Chaos Portals on each corner Setesh moves up to open them. The healer should conserve mana and just to focus all heals on the tank in my opinion. All DPS players got to burn down Setesh and blow all trinkets and cooldowns. The boss dies within a 1:30 minutes range.

Oh, about the shinies … take a look at the heroic loot item lvl 346 after the video.


  • Chaos Bolt: a 3 sec spell cast on a random player dealing 8838 – 12547 Chaos damage.

  • Unknown: A massive green and black spot appears on the ground. Players standing on it will get over 10,000 damage over time.

  • Unknown: several green bubbles appear around Setesh while he channels the spell.

  • Chaos Portal: opens a portal which summons in void sentinel, void seeker and void wurm mobs.

Void Sentinel

  • Charged Fists: Increases physical damage.

  • Melee Swing: hits for 8654 – 12487 Physical damage.

Void Seeker

  • Anti-Magic Prison

Void Wurm

  • Melee Swing: hits for 1710 – 2715 Physical damage.

Blizzard Quote: