Blizzard developers need your help to test Tol Barad on Wednesday, October 27th at 4pm PDT (7pm EST). After the maintenance, there will be some hotfixes and additions to Tol Barad that require extensive player testing.

After this session, all beta testers are welcome to leave feedback for the developers at the following forum thread.

Blizzard Quote:

We have made a number of changes to Tol Barad and are looking to get some good feedback from the beta players. First off, a few of the big changes.

  • Siege Engine HP tripled to 1.35m.
  • Tower HP reduced from 180000 to 150000.
  • Vehicles now protected from 99% of damage until someone hops in the first time.
  • There‚Äôs now a Spiritual Immunity Area Aura given by the Spirit Healers at all GYs.
  • 4 guards have been added to the bridge spawn point to protect it.
  • The queing system has been modified to keep the balance of players on each team at the same value. The system will not let someone else queue for a team until the balance falls out of sync.

The test is scheduled for 4pm PDT tomorrow (Wednesday the 27th) on the Lost Isles beta server. You must be level 85 to queue for the battle and we will be on hand to speed up the time between games. We will use this thread for feedback after the test so please come back to the forums and post your thoughts!

The bridge guards have been buffed appropriately and should be updated via a hotfix in time for the playtest today.