Blizzard Entertainment recently launched the Fortune webpage which brings the community together to unlock content in the same fashion-way as the Battlecry Mosaic. Thus far, the community has reached 50% unlocked content. Beneath you can get a glimpse into the new Cataclysm content available.

  • Two new wallpapers are available in several sizes: Pride of the Horde (Garrosh Hellscream) is the same artwork used in the World of Warcraft The Official Magazine # 3, and Jailor of the Damned (Bolvar Fordragon) is the artwork in the loading screen (patch 4.0.3a) when visiting Wrath of the Lich King content. Both are great wallpapers to have onscreen.
  • Two excerpts are available to read. These come from Christie Golden’s World of Warcraft: The Shattering (novel) which has hit the Top 30 New York Times Bestselling Fiction Hardcover list four weeks in a row. It’s a Cataclysm tie-in novel for those living under a rock [named Azeroth].
  • Two new soundtrack bits can be heard. They are short in length, but I get the feeling these might be in the Collector’s Edition Soundtrack DVD. The Alliance version is named The Call to Arms. Horde version is titled The Drums of War.

Go forth and sate your curiosity. You can check out the latest unlocked content here.

Blood of Magma, Heart of Fire

Enjoy this exclusive footage about the making of the Cataclysm cinematic. A more in-depth look behind the scenes can be found on the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector’s Edition DVD.