Cryptozoic has dropped a nice easter announcement unveiling the third block of the Worldbreaker expansion: Twilight of the Dragons.

The last block in the series will be released on July 26, 2011. There are 24 packs per box, and 19 game cards per pack. Even more fun, each Epic Collection has a guaranteed pet loot card to redeem in-game at the World of Warcraft MMO.

The Epic collection includes:

  • 6 Twilight of the Dragons Booster Packs
  • 1 Twilight of the Dragons Playmat and Deckbox
  • Collectible storage box with class dividers
  • 1 Loot card
  • Twilight of the Dragons visual pocket guide
  • 5 random foil Twilight of the Dragons heroes

The Twilight of the Dragons block contains 220 cards plus 3 Loot Cards.

  • 80 Common
  • 55 Uncommon
  • 60 Rare
  • 15 Hero
  • 10 Epic
  • 3 Loot
  • $3.99 per pack MSRP

Irvine, CA—April 25, 2011: Cryptozoic Entertainment™ today announced release plans for Worldbreaker: Twilight of the Dragons, the fifteenth expansion to date for the World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game, which is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The set will debut in July 2011.

Deathwing emerged from Deepholm and exploded into Azeroth, leaving chaos in his wake. The Shattering brought about widespread devastation as elemental forces wreaked havoc across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Concluding the Cataclysm™ theme from Worldbreaker and War of the Elements, Twilight of the Dragons features the black and twilight dragonflights, led by a new master hero: Deathwing himself!

And where Deathwing goes, destruction follows. With this set, players can take advantage of Deathwing’s destructive nature by making sacrifices of allies, equipment, and abilities to take opponents down, triggering special effects as cards are sent to the graveyard.

As always, players will have the chance to obtain randomly inserted Loot® cards that provide cosmetic items for their online World of Warcraft characters—including a non-combat pet and an exclusive mount!

Now is the time to charge into battle in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Get ready to destroy your enemies… look for Twilight of the Dragons in hobby shops worldwide this July!

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