A recent World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (Alpha) build fixed the missing mount spells bug, and added all of the Dragonriding Talents. Even added passive talents.

In order to unlock new Dragonriding Talents, you require to complete the Dragon Glyph achievements. The achievement grants you Dragon Glyph x 1, which is used as a currency to unlock new Dragonriding talents.

Visit my Dragonflight Maps section in the right menu. Select the zone, and the Glyph tab to learn the location of every Dragon Glyph. Watch on YouTube in 720HD


  • Dragonriding Basics: While riding a dragonriding mount and falling from a high location, your dragon isle drake extends its wings to propel you both forward. Pointing yourself downward grants more momentum. Evening out can transfer that momentum forward. Pointing yourself upward slows you down. When at your slowest, you will start to fall slowly toward the ground, forward and down. You also gain access to the following abilities: Surge Forward (flap forward) and Skyward Ascent (Flap upward).
  • Vigor: Dragonriding abilities spend Vigor. Spending time on the ground, whether mounted or dismounted, regenerates 1 Vigor every 30 seconds.
  • Lift Off: When mounted on a dragonriding mount, double jump to launch upward and start gliding forward.
  • Thrill of the Skies: While dragonriding at high speeds, you regenerate 1 Vigor every 15 sec.
  • Winds of the Isles: You can detect and utilize gale winds that redirect your flight and propel you onward, boosting your speed in the direction of the gale.


  • Whirling Surge: Spiral forward a great distance, increasing speed.
  • Bronze Timelock: Mark a waypoint on your positional timeline. Use Bronze Rewind to revind to this location.
  • Drake and Rider Training: Your Vigor is increased to 4. (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Dynamic Stretching: Your Vigor regeneration rate is accelerated to 1 Vigor every 25 sec while grounded (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Thrill Chaser: Thrill of the Skies generates 1 Vigor every 10 sec. (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Ohn’ahra’s Gusts: Surge Forward evades Scalechillers, Scalechargers, and other obstacles encountered in time trials and races. (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Dragonrider’s Initiative: While dragonriding at middle speed and above, you gain stacks of Dragonrider’s initiative, up to 10. When landing at mid-to-high speeds, you create a shockwave, damaging enemies for 135 per stack, split among them, and disorienting them for 3 sec. Landing at low speeds cancels Dragonrider’s Initiative. (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Dragonrider’s Compassion: While airborne on a Dragon Isle Drake, you gain stacks of Dragonrider’s Compassion, up to 10. When you dismount, you gain a shield worth 1% of your health and gain 1% movement speed per stack, lasting 30 sec. (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Restorative Travels: Your Vigor regeneration rate is accelerated to 1 Vigor every 20 sec while grounded. (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Airborne Tumbling: Whirling Surge evades Whingshredders and dismounts airborne enemy players. (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Dragonriding Learner: Your Vigor is increased to 5. (Costs 3 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Dragonrider’s Cultivation: Gathering herbs or minerals increases your Vigor recharge rate by 10% for 10 sec. (Costs 4 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Dragonrider’s Hunt: Defeating an enemy increases your Vigor recharge rate by 10% for 3 sec. This effect can only occur once every 10 sec. (Costs 4 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Beyond Infinity: Your Vigor is increased to 6. (Costs 4 Dragon Glyphs)
  • Yearning for the Sky: Your Vigor regeneration rate is accelerated to 1 Vigor every 15 sec while grounded. (Costs 4 Dragon Glyphs)
  • At Home Aloft: Thrill of the Skies generates 1 Vigor every 5 sec. (Costs 4 Dragon Glyphs)

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