The powers of Azeroth are once more needed! Orum No’Bendir! Orum No’Mallah! Vohl Um Aranar … An’delahna! Power we have! Power we share! Out of many into One! [Council of Tirisfal’s words to empower a Guardian].

CrispyGamer is ready to start the votes to select the Game of the Decade. World of Warcraft stands before Halo: Combat Evolved in the Chocobo / Bo Jackson Division while Super Smash Bros Melee tackles Half-Life 2.

Cast your vote on World of Warcraft here.

As of the posting of this article at 12:10pm EST, World of Warcraft is ahead for 15 votes — what were you expecting? The poll was just opened. Go-go-go!

World of Warcraft 58% (55 votes)
Halo: Combat Evolved 42% (40 votes)