Joystiq cornered Frank Pearce to learn how Blizzard Entertainment was born since its early incarnation Silicon & Synapse. This interview can be quite educational on the history of Blizzard for those fans who joined later on with World of Warcraft, or Warcraft III and wish to learn more about the company’s roots.

Frank Pearce was a co-founder of the original studios along with Mike Morhaime and Allen Adham back on 1991.

There was a part that caught my attention:

Speaking of marketing, some people have been asking, “Can we please get a girl in one of those ‘What’s Your Game’ ads?”

Pearce: Do you have any suggestions about who would be a good candidate?

I probably have a long list I could send over.

Pearce: We are always brainstorming ideas for people for that style of commercials. I think a woman doing those commercials would be awesome. Send us your top three we will forward it to the marketing guys

Ohh … I can see it coming. Jessica Alba (Undead Rogue), Shakira (Human Warlock), Adrianne Curry (Night Elf Warrior). Bring it on, Blizzard !!! Read the full interview