How to get Saberon Form Bloodmane Charm? That is a question some fans might be asking themselves whenever they see a player disguised as a Saberon. So let’s start with saying that not everyone is able to obtain the disguise. At least not right away.

It is actually a toy you can purchase, and it will be added to your Toy Tab. The Toy Tab can be accessed through your Collections window (SHIFT+P), next to the mount and pet tab.

How to get Saberon Form Bloodmane Charm?

These are the conditions in which you can obtain the Bloodmane Charm to transform into a Saberon:

1. At level 96, when you are at your Talador base, the Bulletin Board (Alliance) or Command Board (Horde) will have a quest titled News from Spires of Arak!“. The quest asks you to talk to Vindicator Icia (Alliance) or Shadow Hunter Kajassa (Horde). Complete the following questline (ignore if you already completed it).

After you have completed that questline you are sent to Southport (Alliance) or Axefall (Horde):

2. Now you are able to choose one of two building options: Smuggler’s Den or Brewery. Pick Smuggler’s Den.

3. You now have access to the spell: Smuggling Run which summons an NPC vendor named Honest Jim (Alliance) or Linny “The Skinny” Leadpockets (Horde).

Linny the skinny Leadpockets

The summon spell has a 10 minute cooldown, and the vendor will randomly sell you consumables (may only be consumed in Arak) and occassionally will sell a rare item: Bloodmane Charm — which transforms you into a Saberon for 5 minutes. (Cooldown: 30 minutes).

How to get Saberon Form Bloodmane Charm?