Blook is an Ogron follower who can be found in Gorgrond. There is no quest leading to him. Just ride toward him, and talk. He will begin to fight you. At less than 20% he will give up, and pledge to serve you.


His main ability is “Recklessness” which helps to counter Timed Battle missions. His trait is Combat Experience: Grants a bonus to mission success chance.

**Important: Don’t use Follower Re-training Certificate on Blook. You will lose the certificate as Combat Experience is unique to him and can’t be changed. No other follower has this ability and the trait isn’t found anywhere in the Follower Recruiter options (at the Garrison Inn).

How is it unique? Well, Burst of Power has the same ability but only on missions shorter than 7 hours. Blook can take on any mission length making him ideal to have as an active follower.

Blook | Garrison Follower

Directions to find Blook:

From Talador: take the road north of Fort Wrynn/Vol’jin’s Pride. Go past the broken bridge. Shortly after the Iron Horde fortress(Bladefury’s Command), to the right side of the road (Talador Coordinates: 66,3) there is a path that leads to Gorgrond. You will see Ockbar the Wanderer between palm trees near the road (Gorgrond Coordinates: 43,93). Go behind the palm trees, and not too far away is a path to go up into the mountain (at 42,90). Go up the ramp , and you will find Blook.

From Gorgrond: Horde… take the taxi to Evermorn Springs (flight master Chucklespine: 41,87), then take the road south to 42,90 and go up the ramp. Alliance: From Bastion Rise (47,92) go west and you will find Ockbar the Wanderer on the right side of the road at (43,93). Go behind him and reach 42,90. Stop. Turn around counterclockwise (to your left) to see the path going up into the mountain.

Blook | Garrison Follower