Gloomshade Grove

Lost Packmule: This looks like one of the pack mules from your garrisojn. It’s strange that it’s wandering out here alone.

You probably should investigate.


Quest Objectives

Search Gloomshade Grove for clues.



(Search Gloomshade Grove for clues: 1/1)

Phlox: Your friends was here, now they gone. The clues you seek, is by the pond.

(Investigate the Pond: 1/1)

Alliance sword: This weapon looks like it could have belonged to someone from the missing search party.

Phlox: You found a weapon a friend might wield. You find more answers in the field.


(Investigate the Field: 1/1)

Alliance Shield: It looks like this shield belonged to the missing search party.

Upon further inspection, you find what appears to be hundreds of little puncture marks covering the blood-stained armor.

Phlox: You found the armor, no friend in reach. You find more clues, at the beach.


(Investigate the Beach: 1/1)

Dead Pack Mule: You find thousands of tiny puncture marks covering the dead mule’s body.

Phlox: Their mounts is dead, they must be saved. Your final clue, is in the cave.


(Investigate Gloomshade Grotto: 1/1)

Jarrod Hamby: Run (class), it’s a trap!

Phlox: Fool, I tricked you from the start. The time is now, I’ll swallow your heart!




Jarrod Hamby: Thank the light. (cough) I didn’t think I would get out of here alive.


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