The Glorious! Achievement requires players to kill 56 rare mobs spread around the continent of Pandaria. The Glorious! Achievement goes an extra mile from what players have experienced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion (Frostbitten achievement) and the Burning Crusade expansion (Bloody Rare).

In contrast with previous expansions, these are divided by type: Pandaren, Jyniu, Mogu, Saurok, Yaungol, Hozen, and Mantid. Each type has a unique attack that causes over 50,000 damage or kills in one shot in some cases — forcing players to use their skills and to learn to move away from harm’s way. Sort of training players to survive a raid encounter, as some of these abilities are used in dungeons too.

There is a great World of Warcraft addon that helps a lot to find the rare mobs for this achievement. Download _NPCScan and its extension _NPCScan.Overlay. The first one alerts you with a loud sound that a rare NPC is near you, and displays onscreen a rotating hologram . Clicking the hologram’s name tag will auto-select the mob — allowing you to view on the mini-map the location and direction it is at.

The _NPCScan.Overlay, on the other hand, allows you to view on your map (pressing M) all the locations of each zone where you can find the rares NPCs at. This one is very useful, removing away the waste of time searching for them back and forth. You can simply go to where the colored overlay on the map is.

Sometimes the NPCs are death, or someone from the opposite faction (Alliance or Horde) is attacking it. The bad thing is that NPC_Scan marks it as found whether you killed it or someone else did. In this case, it is recommended to quit World of Warcraft. Go to the World of Warcraft folder. Open the Cache Folder. Open the WDB. Then open the enUS folder (depends what language and region you are). Delete the creaturecache.wdb file. Now launch World of Warcraft.

Doing this manual step clears the cache of creatures detected by the NPC_Scan addon. There is no automatic way to do this, so it has to be done manually, and World of Warcraft can’t be running at the moment the file is deleted. Below are the Pandaria maps with the layers that indicate where to find the rare NPCs for the Glorious! Achievement.

The Jade Forest

Kun-Lai Summit

Townlong Steppes

Dread Wastes

Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Valley of the Four Winds

Krasaran Wilds