Many fans have previously opt-in to beta testing all Blizzard IPs, and possibly think they are already opt-in to be invited to Shadowlands beta.

I don’t know if Blizzard Entertainment is already considering those people already to join beta, or if all that data has been deleted. What I do know is that the old beta opt-in page is gone for good. It no longer exists.

In fact, at the moment of this posting, there is no way to actually double-check whether you have opt-in or not. I am currently playing Shadowlands Alpha, and I did opt-in to the brand-new opt-in page — I just login to the account, and it still doesn’t show me as already opt-in.

So I do honestly recommend you to follow the link and to opt-in to the Shadowlands Beta. Simply scroll down until you see the opt-in now button (as shown in the image below). It is now that you are officially opt-in, internally, in Blizzard’s beta test list.

The reason I am blowing the whistle on this is because I was invited to play the Shadowlands Alpha on April 9, 2020.

In perspective, Battle for Azeroth Alpha began on February 7, 2018. Closed Beta test began April 24, 2018. Approximately, 2 months and a half after Alpha.

We are three days away from the first month of Shadowlands Alpha. So the first wave of beta invitations should go out fairly soon(tm). However, for whatever reason, in the middle of a pandemic where so many people is home, it is unusually strange the Alpha servers seem desolate.

The images below show you how many players there were on the Alliance and Horde sides last week.

This is how it looks like at 1:15pm today Wed May 6.



I cannot explain the phenomena of so few Alpha testers online at any given time. The most I have seen online this week simultaneously is 36. So I’d have to dare to say that Blizzard Entertainment might need more players to continue to test Shadowlands.

It has been a week since Revendreth opened. Hopefully, new invites are sent out when Ardenweald or Maldraxxus is opened for testing.

Hope to see you soon in the Shadowlands. Go opt-in.

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