The latest 34278 build was over 1GB in file size. It needs to be patched again to fix some unstable server issues:

  • Landing after taking a flightpath disconnects the client, or in extreme cases auto-force-quits to desktop.
  • Clicking on the Anima Pads at Hero’s Rest in Bastion disconnects the client.
  • Random disconnections while riding.
  • Another really bad bug is a permanet loss of your Alpha character in this build. DO NOT use the Anima Gateway (transportation pads) around Hero’s Rest when you go down. It’s better to just jump down and ghost run to the body. If you don’t, your character is permanently a few yards above the air — unable to go up or down, so whenever you go past a hill, your character is further above ground. You can no longer quest in areas that are downhill. There is no fix: I tried logout/login, hearthstone, dying.

Update: A few hours later, when I login, all character are now grounded. However, if you were pretty high in the air before logout, you will land hard.

Worgen and Undead are not yet enabled in this build as playable characters.

The Horde version of Exile’s Reach is not yet available.

Only Bastion and Revendreth are available for testing. No new zones.

Level cap has been increased in Bastion. It was previously capped to level 53. I reached 54 today while in Torghast.


New character customization options for the Gnome female, and Night Elf female: Pixie, Flipped, and Large Bun.


Druid and Shaman now have access to test Torghast, Tower of the Damned (scenario). Talk to Flaska-Torghast at Hero’s Rest or Aspirant’s Rest in Bastion. Or near the Pridefall Hamlet’s gate in Revendreth.

In this build, if you get disconnected while in Torghast, just login and you will spawn at the same spot you left off, in the same random floor, and all your anima powers are intact.


The Halls of Atonement dungeon now has new maps, but these are tagged as TEMP.


Revendreth has a big graphic change in the north edge. This is what it looked like before.

It showed anima being siphoned from the Sanguine Depths dungeon toward The Maw.

Build 34278 introduced a vortext swirling above The Maw. You can see this view from the Crypt of the Forgotten (top-right edge of Revendreth).

This is the view from The Eternal Terrace (top-center of the Revendreth map).

As seen from the top-left corner of Revendreth, from Dominance Keep.

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