This morning the Irvine City Police issued a mandatory fire evacuation order to residents north of Irvine, California (USA) ranging as close as 4 miles away from the Blizzard Entertainment headquarters or 11 minutes away by car — up to 12 miles. Currently, the Silverado Fire is happening around 8-10 miles away.

The fire broke out before 7am and was reported shortly after. The police issued the mandatory evactuation order two hours later.

The affected evacuation area spans between Orchard Hills, Northwood, Woodbury, Orange County Great Park and Portola Springs. Comparing the Google Map with the map supplied below, the Silverado fire is around the (on Or) part of Evacuati(on Or)der 1D.

I have visited the HQ probably 2-3 times in the past 12 years. It is not my place to reveal its location in the map.

What I can say is that the Blizzard HQ is shown south of this evacuation map — which is not good news considering the huge area under mandatory evacuation orders.

Over 60,000 residents were asked to evacuate. No rescue will come to those who decide to stay if the fire reaches the area. Hopefully, thousands of Blizzard employees who live in the area are safe and remain so while the fire is contained. You can help by donating:

For resources during a disaster and updated evacuation areas go to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website.

You can read more about the Silverado wildfire in this Orange County OCRegister article. (note: if the page prevents you from reading unless you login, close the blue popup and open the “Silverado fire…” link in a new tab as a workaround)


Things are far worse than when I posted this article. Back then there were about 50 acres burned. Now over 11, 199 acres have burned.

Over 90,000 residents have been evacuated from the area.

Around midnight Oct 26: This video explains the fire seen has crossed the Alton Parkway near the Irvine Boulevard (that’s 6 miles away from the Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters — and heading toward Lake Forest and Foothill Ranch — please, be safe and evacuate the area.

According to the OCRegister, around Oct 27 in the morning, the Orange County Fire Authority had only contained 5% of the Silverado Fire. No structures have been destroyed, but two firefighters were critically injured.

Based on the tweet description, somewhere in cook street (near Foothill Ranch) and Alton Parkway & Irvine Boulevard — the fire was around this coordinates Oct 26 (midnight).


As of Wednesday, Oct 28 the firefighters were able to contain 32% of the wildfire helped by weakening winds. Nearly 13,390 acres burned in the Silverado Fire. Officials lifted the evacuation order and warnings to allow all residents in Irvine to return home. The fires on Monday went wild due to 88 mph winds, but early Wednesday, winds went down to 19 mph, allowing firefighters to contain the fire by digging out dry vegetation off its path.

Not all of the fire was contained. Some of it continued through Wednesday evening away from housings.

Last update: 10/29/20 7:46 AM (source)

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