I should really consider changing the Blizzplanet name to Jinxplanet. Joke aside, JINX needs urgently to free up space for the new T-shirts, and announced today a $10 T-shirt Clearance Promo.

A few classic WoW T-shirts are now available at a lower price than usual. Some of them are even $5.

    Over 100 New $10 Tees: Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!
    We’re cleaning house, and that means retiring some of our older designs to make room for all the new and exciting products that are coming up in 2011. Check out our $10 Tees Section to snap up some of the newly discounted tees. Hurry, our stock is limited!

WoW T-shirt Molten Core

World of Warcraft Molten Core T-shirt

wow t-shirt grand marshall

World of Warcraft Grand Marshal In Training T-shirt

wow t-shirt wrath of the lich king

World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King T-shirt

wow t-shirt scourge women

World of Warcraft Scourge Women T-shirt

wow t-shirt naxxramas

World of Warcraft Naxxramas T-shirt

wow t-shirt world of warcraft

World of Warcraft T-shirt

wow t-shirt burning crusade

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade T-shirt

wow t-shirt arthas

World of Warcraft Arthas T-shirt

wow t-shirt classic raider

World of Warcraft Classically Trained Raider T-shirt