Dang! These guys are pumping out Toymation videos really quick. Mega Bloks posted a new World of Warcraft Toymation video. Colton and Ironoak meet up to unite against the Horde. Two orcs eavesdrop the meeting, when suddenly they are discovered.

This is an amazing chase throughout the Ashenvale forest. Love the X-53 Touring Rocket racing through the forest, and Colton riding his mount in pursuit. The camera angles and special effects make this one the best Toymation episode so far. The scene reminded me of the speeder bike chase in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, where Luke Skywalker and Leia use forest speeder bikes to chase Imperial Troopers in Endor.

Can the Mega Bloks Animation Team beat the quality on this Toymation episode? Only one way to find out. Stay alert for Episode 4 … soon.

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Colton and his comrades arrive at Ashenvale, with hopes to enlist the assistance of Ironoak and the Night Elves against the impending Horde threat. Their meeting is cut short when two Orcs attack with their X-53 Touring Rocket! Can Colton apprehend his foes before they get away?