Anne Stickney posted a great interview with Micky Neilson (Lead Publishing) and Doug Gregory (Burdens of Shaohao director) to talk about the “Burdens of Shaohao” animation short series.

Both discuss the entire process of development from concept to execution, which took a time frame of a year. The first six months went away preparing the backbone, but at that point everything was scrapped and started from scratch.

Micky also explains the reasoning behind the change of direction concerning the Monkey King’s masks. You can read the full interview here.

How long did it take to complete the project, from conception to final product?

Doug: From the original pitch conception, it was about a year. The first one, keep in mind, was basically our test case, and it was being done on a lot of people’s borrowed time. So Laurel, the artist on it, she was working on it, bits and pieces, between her regular assignments — the same thing for Micky, the same thing for me. That first one took about six months before we finally got it to a point that it was signed off on. And then we had the opportunity to re-do it again actually, during the last six months of the process oddly enough. But yeah, so the first one took about six months, and then the last five took about five or six months.