Before the launch of Battle for Azeroth, there was a questline that was available only for about two weeks before it was retired forever. Below you can watch videos of the storyline.

The Burning of Teldrassil

1. The Speaker's Call
2. The Power in our Hands
3. The Warchief Awaits
4. The Warchief Commands
5. A Quick Diversion
6. Everybody has a Price
7. A Timely Arrival
8. Zoram'gar Outpost
9. On the Prowl
10. Into the Woods
11. Ripe for the Picking
12. A Quick Flyover
13. An Unstoppable Force
14. Clearing Them Out
15. A Glaive Misunderstanding
16. Blurred Vision
17. The Trees Have Ears
18. The Blackwood Den
19. Aggressive Inspiration
20. The Start of Something Good
21. Fueling the Horde War Machine
22. A Very Clear Message
23. A Gift of Azerite
24. A Wild Ride
25. A Looming Threat
26. The Azerite Stuff
27. Under Pressure
28. Pruning the Thorns
29. Ours for the Taking
30. Staying Power
31. Driving Them Out
32. No Small Mercy
33. Seaside Rendezvous
34. Killer Queen

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