Whispering Winds: (Name) I found you! The four winds have been sent to seek you out. Come with me.

A Ring Unbroken

Thrall: Shaman! I have an urgent message.

“Our defeat at the Broken Shore was a disaster. What’s left of the Alliance and Horde are at one another’s throats. Shaman, heroes like you may be our last great hope. Stay strong, and do not give up.”


A Ring Unbroken

Thrall: Our defeat at the Broken Shore was decisive. The Burning Legion has a foothold on Azeroth, and the best of our armies are retreating in tatters. The Elders of the Earthen Ring have called an emergency council near the heart of our world – the Maelstrom. (Name), your triumphs throughout Azeroth and Draenor are the stuff of legend. We need you more than ever. Join me at the Maelstrom. Stormcaller Mylra will be flying there shortly – find her at Krasus’ Landing here in Dalaran.



Quest Objectives

Aid the shaman of the Earthen Ring at the Maelstrom. Stormcaller Mylra will fly you there from Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran.




Mylra: Over here, shaman! We’ve no time to lose. It’s a massacre out there. We’re falling back all around the world. Unless we find a way to turn this around, Azeroth wil fall!



Mylra: The greatest shaman in the world are gathering below. What’s left of ’em, that is.


STAGE 1: A Ring Unbroken — Speak with Nobundo.


Thrall: Yes, we must strike back. But how?

Nobundo: We need weapons capable of overcoming the Legion.



Farseer Nobundo: Greetings, (Name). I am pleased you received Thrall’s summons. You can see, there are no factions here. We few are all that remain of the Earthen Ring, and we must struggle together or surely we will perish alone. Survivors continue to make their way here from the four corners of Azeroth. See that their wounds are tended to. They need hope if they are to rejoin the fight, (Name). You must inspire them!

(I will see to the others, Farseer.)


STAGE 2: We Glorious Few — Help the scattered shaman.


Thrall: They will come for us.

Farseer Nobundo: There are ancient safeguards here. We must use them.

Lain Firebeard: Help her! She’s fadin’ fast! Thank ye, shaman.


Mylra: The Highlands are completely overrun. The clan is scattered.


Tribemother Torra: What kind of shaman can’t light a fire?

Bath’rah the Windwatcher: Shush, woman! Dis wood be wet and me hands be shakin’.



Tribemother Torra: The Legion destroys us in the open fields. Even Thunderbluff isn’t safe from the Infernals.


Rehgar Earthfury: This thing has sat useless for ten thousand years.



Erunak Stonespeaker: It just needs a little… boost. Shaman, can you help?



Erunak Stonespeaker: Do you see? It’s working. This world will fight for itself if we give it the tools to do so.



STAGE 3: Melee at the Maelstrom — Defeat the Infernals.


Stormcaller Mylra: They followed us here!

Thrall: Look out!

Mackay Firebeard: I knew yer crap bird was too slow.

Lain Firebeard: My bird woulda been quicker if she weren’t haulin’ yer fat arse.

Geth’xun: Here is where you insects crawled! Take to your knees, and my Master may yet be merciful.

Thrall: Your Master has not won yet.

Mackay Firebeard: Wildhammer!

Erunak Stonespeaker: We can fight this… but we must work together.



Tribemother Torra: Over here, shaman! Take up my spear, and the winds will guide your strike!

NOTE: A spear icon appears in the bottom-middle onscreen. Click it.

Mackay Firebeard: Do it! Bring it down!

Farseer Nobundo: It is ready – everyone! Focus on the pillar. Quickly!



Geth’xun: You will die! Your precious “Earthen Ring” will shatter! Your world will succumb!! THE LEGION WILL-

Note: The ritual at the stone surges you will elemental power. The earth shoots out in a straight line toward the felguard Geth’xun and knocks him off the edge into the Maelstrom — where he lands in Deepholm. The Doomhammer fell over the edge and landed in Deepholm too.


Thrall: The Doomhammer…



Thrall: Thank you, (Name). You saved me. You saved us all. I was… outmatched. The elements were silent. The Doomhammer felt like dead weight. As though I am no longer worthy to wield it. It has grown silent since I used it to slay Garrosh. I cannot allow my own turmoil to jeopardize the work we must do to save this world. I will find my own path back into favor. (Name), you must carry the Earthen Ring forward without me. You are the leader they need. This is your time.


A Ring Unbroken


1. A Ring Unbroken
2. The Elements Call...
3. Where the Hammer Falls
4. A Ring Reforged
5. The Maelstrom Beckons
6. Azeroth Needs You
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