Stormcaller Mylra: You saved us all, shaman! Thank you! Thrall wants to dive right into the Maelstrom and retrieve the Doomhammer, but I worry – he was badly wounded in that last fight, and that demon Geth’xun may still be alive down there. You should go with him. Hop on Stormbeak when you’re ready and we’ll recover that artifact!

Where the Hammer Falls


Quest Objectives

Use Stormbeak to fly into the Maelstrom. Accompany Stormcaller Mylra and Thrall to recover the Doomhammer.




Stormcaller Mylra: The Doomhammer fell somewhere below. Hold on – this part always gives me tummy the wubblies!



SCENARIO: STAGE 1: Demon Down — Follow Geth’xun’s trail of fel blood.


Stonehearth Prospector: (the corpse of this unfortunate earthen explorer has been shredded open. His entrails – which look like sand and pebbles – are spilled all over the floor. Traces of fel emanate from the gaping wounds.)



STAGE 2: Corruption in the Deep — Defeat the devouring imps.


NOTE: About 8-10 Devouring Imps will rush you. They have 135K health. Cast Fury of Air to kill them all with AOE.



STAGE 3: Hot on the Trail — Follow Geth’xun’s trail of fel blood.


NOTE: Avoid the dust clouds in the tunnel to prevent Corrupted Shale Spiders from spawning.



STAGE 4: Cleaning the Earth — Defeat the Corrupted Gyreworm.




STAGE 5: The Demon Below — Follow the trail to find Geth’xun.


Thrall: We’ve got to keep moving. Geth’xun is close…

Geth’xun: Bah, what is this sorcery? This hammer… I must claim it for my masters…


STAGE 6: The Doomhammer Calls — Acquire the Doomhammer!


Thrall: The Doomhammer – get the Doomhammer! Prove your power as a Shaman…




STAGE 7: Finishing the Job — Use the Doomhammer to destroy Geth’xun.


Stormcaller Mylra: You got it – oh!

Geth’xun: Pathetic little shaman. That hammer did little to help its last master. I WILL present that weapon to my masters as a trophy… Along with YOUR HEAD!

Geth’xun: I will bring down this whole cavern!



Geth’xun: I will corrupt your sorry world from within.



Thrall: The whole of Azeroth will rise against you, demon. The very earth beneath your feet and the skies above your head will lash out against your damned crusade!



FINAL STAGE: A Ring Eternal — Help Stormcaller Mylra.

Stormcaller Mylra: … I think I’m done, shaman… It’s the end of the tunnel for me…

(Casting: Healing Surge)

Protect Deepholm: 1/1

Stormcaller Mylra: Thank ye…

Thrall: The Doomhammer chose you, shaman. Already you wield it with a power that I never tapped into. I must go my own way. I have a lot of thinking to do. Aggra will be at the Maelstrom shortly – listen to her counsel, she has taught me so much. Go back to the Earthen Ring. Bring them together. Turn their might against the Legion. This is your time.



Stormcaller Mylra: Come, let’s go. With heroes like you, we just might have a prayer of saving this world. To the Maelstrom!


Return to the Maelstrom: 1/1



Stormcaller Mylra: The orcs had a prophecy about the Doomhammer. It was said that a stranger will raise the hammer high, and with it, justice shall reign. Maybe… maybe YOU were meant to be that stranger all along. Come, (Name). The Earthen Ring needs you. And Azeroth needs us.



Where the Hammer Falls


1. A Ring Unbroken
2. The Elements Call...
3. Where the Hammer Falls
4. A Ring Reforged
5. The Maelstrom Beckons
6. Azeroth Needs You
Class Artifacts Questlines


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