Thrall: Nobundo is right. Conventional tactics will not work against the Legion – the Broken Shore taught us that. We must scour the world for weapons to use against the Legion! The Doomhammer is missing and must be recovered. Rehgar and Erunak have some other ideas, as well. Whatever our course, we must act immediately. Speak with me to go over your options, but the final decision is yours!



Quest Objectives

Speak with Thrall and choose the Artifact you wish to pursue.







Enhancement Shaman: Doomhammer Artifact



Thrall: A good choice. There is no time to lose – let us begin!

Thrall: We must move quickly. Speak with Myrla and follow me into the Maelstrom.


The Elements Call…


1. A Ring Unbroken
2. The Elements Call...
3. Where the Hammer Falls
4. A Ring Reforged
5. The Maelstrom Beckons
6. Azeroth Needs You
Class Artifacts Questlines


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