Stormcaller Mylra: Speak with Nobundo, and take your place around the circle, (Name). The Earthen Ring will rise again, with you as its leader! Within these stones stands the legendary Heart of Azeroth, which we can use as a base of operations. Perhaps the power of your artifact can unseal the hidden chambers…

Stormcaller Mylra


Quest Objectives

Speak with Nobundo and take your place as the head of the Earthen Ring.



Nobundo: We stand at the precipice of oblivion, but we do not stand alone. Come forward, shaman. The elements have chosen you as their champion, (Name). The artifact you wield is proof. It is your destiny to lead the Earthen Ring against the Burning Legion. We need you. Do you accept this burden?

(Yes. I will be your Farseer!)



Nobundo: Take your place among the circle, Farseer. The Earthen Ring is forged anew, and with it, we rekindle hope for this world.

Speak to Nobundo: 1/1


Nobundo: You are the chosen defender of Azeroth! May your wisdom guide this circle to victory, and may the power of your artifact crush those who would bring chaos to this land.



Nobundo: Step this way, Farseer. The tauren tell of hidden chambers below we can use as a base of operations.




Nobundo: The Earthen Ring rises once more to defend Azeroth. You will be our Farseer, (name), and we will be your instruments. Only by working together can we preserve our world. We are yours to command, Farseer.



A Ring Reforged


1. A Ring Unbroken
2. The Elements Call...
3. Where the Hammer Falls
4. A Ring Reforged
5. The Maelstrom Beckons
6. Azeroth Needs You
Class Artifacts Questlines


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