Farseer Nobundo: We shaman under your command will aid your efforts against the Legion. You may direct our actions from here. Seek out Advisor Sevel just to the south and locate the command map from which you can direct your followers. We will also indicate on the map various hot-spots around the Broken Isles that require your attention. Azeroth needs you, Farseer! Visit the map and choose our first point of attack.

Azeroth Needs You


Quest Objectives

Select your first assault point on the Broken Isles.



From this map you may dispatch members of the Earthen Ring throughout the Broken Isles. Lead us to victory, Farseer!




Nobundo: This Astral Portal will return you to Dalaran whenever you wish, Farseer. I will keep it open so that you may return here any time.



A sound decision, Farseer. Behind me I have opened up an astral portal to Dalaran to help our people move quickly between our base of operations and the Broken Isles. Step through to return to Dalaran. You may always use the portal to travel back here whenever you need to augment your artifact or command your followers. May the elements guide you, Farseer.


Azeroth Needs You


1. A Ring Unbroken
2. The Elements Call...
3. Where the Hammer Falls
4. A Ring Reforged
5. The Maelstrom Beckons
6. Azeroth Needs You
Class Artifacts Questlines

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