Andy Go pointed me to a recently published photo of the Warcraft Film slate (apparently used) during pre-production. Looking around about Sarah Jones, she was a camera assistant who unfortunately passed away due to a train accident on February 20, 2014 during the filming of another film titled Midnight Rider (by Gregg Allman).

The NPR says: “…the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600, are campaigning to have her honored during the Academy Awards’ ‘In Memoriam’ segment this Sunday.”

The photo was posted at the Facebook page (which launched on February 24th) as a tribute to Sarah Jones:

However, the photo was originally posted by Heath Hood on his own Facebook page where he says: “Posting this for my friends on “Warcraft” in Vancouver BC.”


There is an enigma somewhere in this photo considering the date on the slate says February 26th. Sarah died on February 20th, so she couldn’t possibly have held the slate in that photo. There are two possibilities for the origin of this photo.

1. It is Photoshopped and dedicated to Heath Hood’s friends currently working on the Warcraft Film.
2. Or, someone in Duncan Jone’s Vancouver team added her name as a tribute to Sarah Jones.

It might be possible to be the second option. Many productions around the globe and even fans are posting slates with Sarah Jones’ name to show their support. I’ll update soon after I get an official response.

More about Sarah’s accident during the filming of Midnight Runner at HollywoodReporter