Glory, glory, hallelujah! … glory, glory…” — err, got busted in the middle of my joyous fanfare there. Quality Assurance representative Arvaana posted in the World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha forums that the servers will be brought online today.

Here is the known-issues list posted by him.

Salutations eager Alpha participants!

Below is a list of issues that we are aware of. Please note that this list is not complete and only highlights issues that we believe will have moderate visibility for Alpha participants. I’ll be updating this list regularly, so it’s a good idea to check it out prior to posting in the bug forums.


Artifact Acquisition and Order Halls

  • Cages inside of Violet Hold are sometimes missing Arcane Barriers during the Havoc Demon Hunter Acquisition questline.
  • Druid Forms are incorrectly oriented when viewed above the Forge.
  • Players are unable to enter the Emerald Dreamway portal while mounted during “To the Dreamgrove”.
  • Garrison Monuments may sometimes spawn in the Druid Order Hall.
  • Shaman who enter the Maelstrom during the quest “A Ring Unbroken” may be placed into the wrong phase upon landing.
  • “The Voice of Thunder” quest is missing POI, minimap markers, and quest outlines for the final two objectives and has no completion indicator on the minimap.
  • Shaman that log out for more than 5 minutes during the Maelstrom Intro scenario will fall from the sky to their death when logging back in.
  • Lyana Darksorrow is not dead in the quest “The Hunt” after Varedis Felsoul states that she was killed.
  • Taldath the Destroyer’s ability, Shadow Sweep, does not deal damage and inconsistently pushes players away.
  • Stage 3 of the Vengeance Demon Hunter’s scenario contains typos in the scenario objectives.



Darkheart Thicket

  • The dungeon journal is missing a zone information entry.


Violet Hold

  • Blood Princess Thal’ena’s Blood Swarm Ability will ignore some partial immunities.
  • Blood Princess Thal’ena’s Shroud of Sorrow ability will ignore some immunities.
  • Anub’esset’s Impale ability will deal damage through Aspect of the Turtle.
  • Anub’esset’s Blistering Ooze ability will ignore some partial immunities.
  • Fel Lord Betrug’s Chaotic Energy ability will ignore some partial immunities.
  • Millificent Manastorm will clip through the ground when pathing in certain areas.


Neltharion’s Lair

  • Rokmora has no animations.
  • Dargrul has multiple abilities that damage players through Cloak of Shadows and Aspect of the Turtle.


General and Zones

  • Party members who die during the Ysera battle during the quest “The Fate of Val’sharah” will not be placed in the correct phase once the fight is complete.
  • Players are able to view other players talking heads during the quest “Close Enough to Touch”.
  • Tyrande Whisperwind is attackable during the quest “The Fate of Val’Sharah”.
  • Players are not able to turn in the quest “Entangled Dreams” if it was shared with them.
  • There are two Dalarans. This should not affect any gameplay.