Hot off the oven! After Blizzplanet solicited a preview of the World of Warcraft Premium Series 4 and World of Warcraft Series 8 action figures, a few days ago, DC Comics was very kind and swift sharing with us the high resolution images. The action figures will ship any time before the end of July 2011. Pre-order now while you have the chance and supplies last. Trust me. These go like hot bread at a bakery! Follow the links below for pre-orders:

Note: Hold down the right-button and choose “Open Link in New Tab” to access the high resolution images.

The Hallow’s End Nemesis: Headless Horseman has become an iconic character in the World of Warcraft universe every year during Halloween. Players can queue to the Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard dungeon wing to hit the Headless Horseman like a piƱata to loot — or better said: farm — the special weapon The Horseman’s Sinister Saber which summons three pumpkin soldiers to help you fight your foes, The Horseman’s Reins (mount), The Horseman’s Horrific Helmet (which lets the Headless Horseman’s maniac laughter to be heard by other players through you), or the popular Sinister Squashling (pet).

The action figure shows the Headless Horseman in a non-conventional pose. This is because he is letting out one of those maniac laughters. The horse head on the ground — don’t be afraid — nice touch there showing the horse coming from underneath the ground similar to when players summon him. To boot, the action figure comes with one of the Sinister Squashling pets.

This Headless Horseman character had his own spotlight through the pen of Blizzard Entertainment Senior Lore Archivist Evelyn Fredericksen in TOKYOPOP’s Warcraft: Legends Volume 5 where his story is fleshed out outside the game in the pages of the manga. Now players have the opportunity to loot the action figure to immortalize it in their favorite desk or … err … collectible altar.

The Moonkin action figure is very detailed. Take a look at all those feathers throughout its body mass. This action figure perfectly captures the in-game model in real life 3D. Hopefully it doesn’t go /oom.

Lastly, the Argent Tournament’s Black Knight is one of those characters that sticks around and come back with the “That was just a setback”. The Black Knight quests and demise was not the last of him. We see his resurrection not far from the Argent Tournament Grounds at the Deathspeaker’s Watch. He makes a comeback in the middle of the Argent Tournament: Trial of the Champion dungeon as an elite boss. Even killing him again makes him come back in skeletal form during the fight. Now he’s come back to be the nightmare of you as an action figure. Spooky dude …