Mimiron can be found at The Spark of Imagination within the Ulduar dungeon. This is the boss that can be accessed through the tram service. Mimiron mounts a tank that resembles the boss Leviathan. He named it the Leviathan MK II (Mortal Kombat II?)  I had the opportunity to test Mimiron 13 times. It is absolutely the hardest boss thus far.  It is a DPS race as much as it is a survival race. He dies in approximately 4:30-5:00 minutes for as long as enough players stay alive through the carnage.

The most fearful ability is definitely the Napalm Shell. This ability kills a player before a Flash Heal can get through. That’s barely 2 seconds or less. Read the phase one abilities below the video.


Leviathan MK II has 1742K health in 10-man.

Melee Swing: Hits for 4200 to 6000 physical damage.

Plasma Blast: It is a 3 sec cast, with a 7 sec cooldown. It deals 20000 Fire damage per sec for 6 sec.

Napalm Shell: It is a 2 sec cast. Deals 9425 to 10575 fire damage. It can be resisted down by half with fire aura and fire resist potions. The affected player must run away from the place of impact which gets a 5-yards aura that deals 6000 fire damage a tick for 8 sec. Healers will see his cannon throw a fireball toward a random target. Make sure to cast HOTs, Prayer of Mending, and Holy Shock on the affected player to keep them alive long enough for a healer to cast a flash or big heal.  It is nigh impossible to cast a flash light in time. Seriously, You can lose a player that rough-fast. Come prepared with health potions to help your healers keep you alive. As soon as you get hit by Napalm Shell, drink a healing potion.  Keep healing pots on a hotkey for this encounter. And a fel health stone. Paladins can use Divine Shield and Mages can iceblock out of its effects.

Rocket Strike: Instant cast. This deals 1000000 fire damage within a 3 yard radius.

Shock Blast: 5 sec cast. It deals 100000 Nature. It can be resisted. Does only around 14000 – 17500 nature damage with the Hunter buff. You will see a blinding electric jolt emanate from Leviathan MK II. All melee has 5 sec to run away. It has a 15 yard radius.

Proximity Mine: Inflicts 17500 fire damage. Can be resisted. Leviathan MK II willl launch a circle of mines 10 yards around himself which stay on the ground for around 20 sec before exploding. Make sure to stay away from them or they explode. They look like the mines in Blood Furnace. A rogue can dismantle them.

Once the Leviathan MK II tank is destroyed, the fight doesn’t end there. That’s the beginning of Phase 2, where he starts attacking players with the VX-001 Anti-personnel Assault Cannon. We didn’t get to test Phase 2, however. There is a total of four phases. More soon.