Save Wolf Home

Durotan: Cowardly Thunderlords…

During the battle for the citadel, runners informed me that the Iron Wolf is striking at our home. He’ll find no easy footing there. Draka will make them pay tenfold for any of ours that they slay, but we must return quickly and chase the mongrels off.

You and your forces have proven valuable allies of the Frostwolves. We’d welcome your aid in securing our War’gol.

I’ll see you on the battlefield if you choose to come.


Quest Objectives

Save Wor’gol from the Thunderlord clan.



Note: Take the flight master to Wor’gol

Durotan: When you see Draka… tell her that I will be home soon.

(Thrall grins at his father’s words.)

Note: As you arrive to Wor’gol…

The Iron Wolf: Korhol, Zhakta, Trokar… move in from all sides. Gargrak, hold for now.

Durotan: Champion! It is good that you have joined us! I will hold these Thunderlord off in case any of your allies arrive.


Thunderlord Looter: Ha! Just try and stop us!

Draka: They can only attack us when most of our clan is away. Kill these Thunderlord cowards.

Wor’gol Defender: I must help the others. Slay more of them for me!

Thunderlord Invader: We will crush you just the same!

The Iron Wolf: Call in all reinforcements. I want the She-Wolf taken alive.

Thunderlord Invader: Here’s another come to die.

Thunderlord Handler: The weak deserve this.

Wor’gol Cold-Singer: Death to our enemies!

Wor’gol Cold-Singer: I will fight by your side.

Thunderlord Handler: You cannot save them!

Wor’gol Defender: Live!

Draka: Come down and face me, “Iron Wolf”. I’ll show you how a true wolf fights!

Wor’gol Defender: Ha, we’ll kill them yet!

Wor’gol Cold-Singer: Not dying on my watch!

Draka: We will make Durotan proud this day!

Wor’gol Villager: Throm-Ka, (race). I will fight by your side.

Beastmaster Trokar: Me and Thunderlord are going to crush all of you.

Wor’gol Defender: You will never take our homes!

The Iron Wolf: Bring me that (race) (class)’s head!

Wor’gol Villager: Don’t worry, little ones. We’ll make it through this.

Wor’gol Villager: Any Thunderlord get in here, we’ll carve them up!



Draka: Durotan’s trust in you is well-placed, (name). You have mine as well.



Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: Defense of Wor’gol.

1.Moving In6.Pools of Vision
2.The Bounty of Bladespire7.Back to Bladespire Citadel
3.Save Wolf Home8.Missing Pack**
4.Free Our Brothers and Sisters9.Shivertail's Den**
5.The Farseer10.Young Hearts**
**Not required for achievement