While Stormheim and Highmountain are technically open for testing on the Legion Alpha servers, a glitch has made accessing them via quests, or doing any of the main quests in the zones, impossible at the moment. However, by water walking there I was able to reach Stormheim and take a few screenshots before the game crashed.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time for discussion, so there won’t be anything beyond the pictures and a short description below.


A murloc/vrkul battlefied and the site of a bonus objective area.


As Stormheim cannot be accessed through the starting quest chain, no quests are available in the zone, except for this one, for some reason.


The Alliance/Gilnean landing site in Stormheim.


Flintlocke! He doesn’t do anything currently. I imagine without the glitch he’d be a questgiver of some sort.


Path to the main Alliance camp in Stormheim, Greywatch.


Southern entrance to Greywatch.


Forsaken bats carrying barrels of the plague are outside Greywatch.


Greywatch interior. I really hope they change it to look more like the Gilnean stronghold its meant to be, and less like another garrison outpost from WoD.


Genn Greymane himself. He doesn’t do anything or have any on click dialogue yet, probably due to the glitch preventing normal access to Stormheim. Across him is an area medic station where other plagued worgen are being healed.


A small alliance camp called “Crowley’s Watch,” located to the west of Greywatch.


Crowley’s Watch, again.


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