WoW Insider is publishing a “Did you miss in Pandaria?” series that reveals some of the in-game toys that can be found throughout Pandaria, including some very obscure toys that are shrouded in mystery unless you do some exploring. I loved their recent Shado-Pan Geyser Gun article so much that I tried it myself. I had not known of its existence, which is appalling considering I thought I had done everything I needed to do in Mists of Pandaria.

So I went to the Throne of Thunder raid dungeon, more specifically the Forgotten Depths. After killing Ji-Kun, I clicked on the feathers that appear after his death, which gave me wings (without a Red Bull) and flew through the red portal above Ji-Kun. This teleported me back to Megaera’s lair. I rode back to the Forgotten Depth’s entrance point — right before Tortos.

There is a series of geysers in a circular pattern around that chamber. Stepping on one makes you jump forward in the direction your character is looking at, and buffs you with Spray water for 4 seconds. However, if you jump to the next geyser the buff is refreshed and stacks. The idea is to stack 250 buffs of Spray Water. Took me a bazillion attempts to do it, and about 12 minutes to complete. I nearly failed in this video after a priest threatened to cast Leap of Faith — which shattered my concentration as I was a few dozen jumps from reaching my goal.

There is no achievement, but after stacking 250 buffs you will receive the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun in your mailbox in-game.



It works wonders when you place a star symbol on your character — which helps aim your next jump. In my jumps, my eyes are glued to the star, and I try to align it with the next geyser when I am in mid-air, so that when I land, I am facing in the direction of the next geyser. Rule # 1 is to take your hand out of your mouse, and use the arrow keys instead. If you fail the landing and need to reposition yourself do it with your arrow keys. Moving the mouse will cause your camera position to shift and confuse your sense of place and aim. That buff only lasts 4 seconds, but by the time you are on the ground you barely have a second or two to position your character back on the geyser if you missed the landing.

The video below shows all 12 minutes of agony — err attempts to get 250 stacks of Spray Water, the moment I loot it from my mailbox, and a 5-minute demo of using the Shadow-Pan Geyser Gun on players. The toy has a 30 minute cooldown.

How to use the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun

Press the “Z” key on your keyboard to unsheath your weapon. Then click on the gun icon in your inventory. Your character will now equip the gun, without replacing your weapon or using the weapon slot. Aim the gun toward a player. Sadly, it has a short range, but it’s fun.