Blizzard Entertainment released the last of the Shadowlands Afterlives animated shorts: Revendreth.

A little less impactful than the previous three as the only character that speaks throughout the video is Sire Denathrius — but Garrosh being tormented was highlighted at the beginning and the end of the video.

Sire Denathrius sweet talks his Venthyr brethren into accepting the rationing of anima due to the mysterious anima drought affecting their Revendreth realm.

One thing we can certainly read from the visuals is that the Arbiter was functioning when Garrosh’s soul arrived to the Shadowlands, judging him and sending him to Revendreth.

It will be interesting to learn more about Garrosh, as he was not present during BETA up to the time I played through Revendreth. Will he be a boss? Will we rescue his soul and accept him as an ally?

Setting him as an ally in Revendreth wouldn’t be a surprise. We have the precedent of Lady Vashj becoming our ally in Maldraxxus, alongside Draka.

We will have to wait the flip of he coin until Blizzard launches a future end-game patch introducing Garrosh Hellscream. The poor thing is in agony.

But if Garrosh became an ally… should we trust him? Last time someone trusted him, he snapped his neck (sorry, Kairozdormu) and incited an all-out dejavu Horde invasion upon Azeroth from the past.

We might have to thread carefully into trusting Garrosh. But I wouldn’t be surprised either if Garrosh is presented as a dungeon or raid boss in a future patch.

Just saying, in terms of storytelling — it would make more sense if we encounter him in a catacomb, free him, and he joins the Venthyr rebellion so we can learn more about what he witnessed since his arrival to Revendreth. We need a vehicle how to learn more about Sire Denathrius and his connection with the Dreadlords and the Jailer.

Credits for Revendreth

Directed by: Marc Messenger
Produced by: Taka Yasuda
Written by: Andrew Robinson
Art Direction by: Laurel Austin

Illustration:Adam Baines, Jasmine Goggins, Josh Tallman, Laurent Pierlot

Storyboard:Ted Boonthanakit, Mike Koizumi, Sung Shin

3D Motion Story: Matthew Mead, Emily Hsu, Jared Mayberry, Cathy Blanco, Christi Kugler, Michael Taranto, James Wright, Enrique Munoz, Kaz Shimada, Daniel Kruse, Scott Trosclair, Benjamin Conner, Christopher Erickson, Cynthia Dickson

Post Production: Jake Patton, Joanna Griebel, Aaron Woitas, Rebecca Lilienfeld, Hannah Dalrymple, Ed Decker

Voice Performances: Josh Petersdorf, Max Mittelman, Maria Angelico, Tam Mutu, Omri Rose, Jeff Schine, Karen Strassman, Ray Chase, Patrick Seitz, Erica Schroeder, Michael McConnohie, Tim Russ, Patrick Seitz, Courtenay Taylor, Debra Wilson, Dee Bradley Baker, Keston John

Sound and Music: Paul Menichini, Caroline Hernandez, Ariel Wang, Brian Johnson, Erik Magnus, Larry Peacock, John Thomas, Chris Battaglia, Derek Duke, Nicholas Papaleo, Neal Acree, Gary Summers, Nathan Nance, Isaac Hammons, Andy King, Andrea Toyias, Michael Roache, Ashley Collins, Alec Santos, Peter Steinbach

Localization: Felice Huang, Thomas Floeter

Creative Development: Jeff Chamberlain, Venecia Duran, Phillip Hillenbrand, Brian Horn, George Krstic, Dennis Bredow, Sean Copeland, Madi Buckingham, Jacob Rivera, Claver Knovick, Tim Loughran, Shannon Eric Denton

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