Around 3:45pm EST, Blizzard Entertainment switched the Shadowlands Alpha text from the dropdown menu to Shadowlands Beta. Three minutes after I noticed, build 35167 began to be auto-downloaded.

This means closed beta invites might be rolling out shortly. The best way to find out if you have access is checking the World of Warcraft dropdown tab above the PLAY button in the Blizzard Launcher.

The email invitation can arrive within minutes up to 8 hours later depending how far in the mass-email queue you are. So it is faster to check the Blizzard Launcher. Do not click any links in any email. Even if the sender says — this can be spoofed by phishing scammers.

To join closed beta click the opt-in button here. You must login to your account first.

This page will be updated with what’s new in the build from the in-game perspective and observation (not datamined). Servers are offline at the moment.

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