At level 60, players get a quest to go to Oribos. Tal-Inara, the Honored Voice of the Arbiter gives you the quest titled Choosing Your Purpose.

This allows you to talk to the four representatives of each Covenant standing closeby in The Enclave.

A window pops up when you talk to each representative, and there you can see a brief description of the Covenant, hover over the two abilities you gain with them, and you can click the checkbox to find out what their Mount is.

Polemach Adrestes shows you the Kyrian Covenant’s offerings.

Lady Moonberry shows you the Night Fae Covenant’s offerings.

General Draven shows you the Venthyr Covenant’s offerings.

Aggra shows you the Necrolord Covenant’s offerings.

Choose a Covenant

Now you click the table in front of Tal-Inara to choose which of the four Covenants to claim.

Upon picking one, a new quest pops in the mini-map at the Covenant Representative to continue the Covenant questline of your choice.


In my case, I chose the Night Fae Covenant to learn more about the Night Warrior, and the story behind Tyrande, Ysera, the Drustvar and The Other Side in Ardenweald.

Visit the YouTube page to watch the Night Fae Covenant Questline in 1080HD and Fullscreen.

Ysera sends the player to join Shandris Feathermoon in Oribos where Bolvar asks her to go into The Maw to search for Tyrande Whisperwind. She is lost in the shadows of dangerous place, unable to escape. They fear the fury of Elune will consume her.

A long search leads us into a Torghast scenario where we can barely keep up with Tyrande as she keeps overrunning ahead. Eventually, we fight a boss that is holding the spirits of several night elves who died during the Burning of Teldrassil.

Tyrande doesn’t want our help to escape The Maw. She won’t leave until all the spirits of the night elves are freed from Torghast, and Sylvanas is dead. Shandris asks the player to use a crystal given by the Night Fae Covenant to siphon the spirits. The player releases their spirits in the Heart of the Forest in Ardenweald.

Launch the YouTube page to watch in 1080HD and Fullscreen.

After releasing the souls of those who died in Teldrassil, one of the souls gathered earlier from The Maw (not Torghast) gives you a quest to enter Torghast. That starts a whole new lengthy questline in Torghast to search for Jaina Proudmoore and free her. Along the way, the last boss of one of the Torghast wings drops a key that starts a quest.

The key opens the sealed door in the room behind where players teleport into Torghast. That room has a prisoner: The Runecarver. He crafted Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination. It is been ages since he was visited by the Jailer, and he has lost most of his memories. One of the quests he gives is to search for remnants of his memories in The Maw.

A caster named drops one of his memories, and when you bring it to him, he remembers he is a runecarver. If you bring him materials for his runes, he can empower your gear with runic powers that help you in Torghast runs permanently.

Check it out in the video below:

Next, you must rescue Jaina Proudmoore at the end of The Soulforges in Torghast. She comes to Oribos where Bolvar and Baine greet her.

Now you must return to Torghast to rescue Thrall in Mort’regar. However, before you get to break the chains, he is kidnapped.

The next quest is likely the longest so far in Shadowlands. You have to get the Eye of the Jailer in The Maw to reach 5 runes. Then you reach Tier 2 of the Eye of the Jailer. Keep killing minions and bosses until you reach 5 runes.

The third tier of the Eye of the Jailer spawns an Assassin.

Kill the assassin which spawns next time you attack a mob. Loot his key. This completes the quest and you are now sent back to free Thrall in the Upper Reaches of Torghast. It took me 4 hours to complete Part 4.

The next video shows the search for Thrall in the Upper Reaches of Torghast. Then a few Night Fae Covenant quests in Ardenweald that lead to opening a mushroom roots network that grant Night Fae players access to teleporting at different locations around Ardenweald.

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