SOC Investment Group research director Rich Clayton told the that Activision Blizzard execs need to be held accountable for toxic working culture.

Rich Clayton says “Kotick’s letter made pretty clear that the board, on some level, recognises that undertaking some kind of investigation is necessary for the company to rebuild its reputation. But we don’t think that the steps that they’ve taken so far are adequate to produce the right kind of investigation, one that would both enable the company to restore its reputation and make the kinds of changes it’s needed.”

SOC wants many changes done to address the workers’ situation. Inclusive representation in the Activision Blizzard board of executives adding more women and people of color, as well as a workers’ representative on the board; and that bonuses should be contingent on Activision Blizzard meeting certain equality, diversity and inclusion benchmarks.

Not long ago, Bobby Kotick was given a $200 million bonus as many Blizzard workers were layoff.

This is the third time that SOC Investment Group advocates for ABetterABK. The first time was on August 10, and three weeks later, on August 30.

You can read the interview posted a few hours ago here.

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