SONGHAMMER announced the release of the new 4 Song EP Album Disco & DPS which includes the BlizzCon 2016 theme: “Legion.” It is now available in iTunes, Spotify, and CDBaby.

On July 4th Songhammer, the worlds most EPIC warrior geek-rock overlords, released it’s new 4 song EP, Disco & DPS. The rock video for the first Warcraft-inspired single , Legion, was featured on the World of Warcraft game launcher in the fall and has received nearly 1 million view cumulatively across platforms.

Man Down is where Disco & DPS gets its disco props. This booty shaking dance anthem follows the Double Hammers of Doom into the dangerous world of the urban club scene where they’ll face troll doormen, track burning DJs, and epic-fail dance floor rejection. Go get your bellbottoms, hairspray, and DoomHammers. IT’S ON!!!

The second WoW-inspired tune on this EP is titled Eat Us Alive, and is a classic-rocking head banger about the recent World of Warcraft content from Legion, patch 7.2.5, featuring nods to gameplay and direct cinematic quotes from the patch.

The fourth tune on this mind-bending EP is based on the internationally popular Japanese anime series, Sword Art Online ( m/title/70302573). The song, Sword Art Online (named for the series), is a psychedelic metal journey into the SOA mainframe where we must battle the evil game creator, and save our true love. “He trapped us all inside.”

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