With the speculation on the recent trademark filed by Blizzard Entertainment running rampant to be possibly the next World of Warcraft expansion, I wanted to talk about the different isles of the South Seas, which may be found near the Maelstrom. In this series, the first isle on our spotlight is the main hub of transportation of the South Seas connecting with Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend.  The seat of power of the Trade Princes and their Trade Coalition.  The homeland of the goblins.

Isle of Kezan is a tropical island with palm trees, forests and active volcanoes spewing lava that flows down toward the ocean.  This is the southernmost isle among the isles within the South Seas, and straight south of the Maelstrom.

The Isle of Kezan is the homeland of the goblin race. They went to war long ago against the original inhabitants of the isle: the Trolls; and claimed the isle.

The goblins have no king or ruler.  Instead, they are ruled by five Trade Princes that lord over their merchant empire.  This group of princes are known as the Trade Coalition.

Beneath the rule and hierarchy of the Trade Princes and the Trade Coalition follow the Barons who oversee their trade princes’ lands, business and Trade Fleets.

There are entrepeneurs known as Moguls. These run several businesses for profit, such as the Venture Company who are corrupt and greedy regardless of the harm they inflict nature through deforestation, and mining. The Venture Co. uses slaves and mercenaries. They are led by Mogul Razdunk (Tinker and Techno-Mage).  This guy looks like a raid boss. Mogul Razdunk mounts a Steam Armor he operates from within the robot. Another known and respected group is the Tinker’s Union who profit from alchemy and mechanical gadgets.

Locations within Isle of Kezan:  Undermine, Mount Kajaro, Bilgewater Port, Voodress Village, Edj Port.

From what can be seen or distinguished in the Isle of Kezan map provided by Blizzard Entertainment within the Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition Behind the Scenes DVD, the volcanoes are located to the south.  The Rain Forest to the west.

Bilgewater Port: It is on the northwest coast of Isle of Kezan.  It has a boat to Kul’Tiras, a boat to Valgarde and another boat to Ratchet.  All merchantile activities, and transportation is operated by the Bilgewater Cartel

Edj Port: This port is located on the northeast coast of Isle of Kezan.  It is operated by the Blackwater Raiders pirates. Players can aboard a zeppelin from Isle of Kezan to Booty Bay. The goblin Baron Revilgaz controls this port and business and works for the Steamwheedle Cartel. He can be found in Booty Bay in-game.  The Blackwater Raiders operate outside the influence of the Trade Coalition.  Their goods are of contraband origin.

Voodress Village: This is the last troll settlement in Isle of Kezan. They were formerly the rulers of the isle before the Goblins overthrew them.  What little survivors are left, are now in this place.  The goblins no longer care to war on them, and have focused on their marketing schemes.  Voodress Village is near the Mount Kajaro.

Mount Kajaro: It is the biggest volcano in Isle of Kezan. It is considered a sacred place by the trolls.                                                                           

Undermine: It is the capital city of the goblins in Isle of Kezan.  Most of Undermine, as the name implies, is underground.  It was built within the natural volcanic tunnels and tubes. Undermine looks more like a raiding dungeon by its description. The goblins have built tunnels of glass underwater on the sea floor to connect to other areas.

The Undermine capital is divided in areas. While you may find the Trade Princes in palaces, in other areas you will find slave pens.  The Venture Company can be found here too.  Another possible boss could be Zovzik. He is an alchemist who created the Hobgoblins.  He experimented on goblins who grew grotesquely in size. These Hobgoblins lost their intellect, and are used to fight in the front lines. They only live for three years.

This bit of info is a personal summary from the pages of World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery by White Wolf Publishing.  The book is entirely narrated from the point of view of Prospector Brann Bronzebeard.  Since all the Northrend content in this book published back on 2005—two years before even Wrath of the Lich King was announced, has held true now that the expansion is out, I would have to think that all the info thereby about the South Seas will stand true and canon (unless updated) whenever Blizzard Entertainment releases the South Seas expansion.

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