Those fans wondering how Stormheim looks like, wonder no more. I spent about 2 hours exploring Stormheim, and fought a few of the Elite Spawns that have blue loot or items that grant Artifact power when you click them in front of the Class Order Hall forge.

I really love the Order Hall teleportation spell given to you. It works almost exactly as Diablo III’s Town Portal. You click the spell to return to your Order Hall. Once you are done, click the spell again and it teleports you near the place you were before in the out-world. Neat indeed. So you go around the zones looking at the mini-map for star icons which tell you where an Elite Spawn mob is located, whack it, and loot Arcane power items or a blue lvl i700 item.

Stormheim reminds me a lot of Howling Fjord with higher cliffs, and in a sense Netherstorm (in terms of using bridges to reach other areas that are separated by rivers and high cliffs. Fauna ranges from Wolves, Bears, Iron Bulls and Storm dragons. NPC denizens include Vrykul, Val’kyr, Gilneas Worgen, Forsaken, Murlocs, Banshees and Kvaldir.

This video lasts about 2 hours of exploring different areas of Stormheim, and a few “run-like-a-sissy” moments hehe.