After discovering the Fate’s End Isle recently, I became obsessed with finding out anything about the Drust race that inhabited Kul Tiras before humans settled there. As I went about completing World Quests, the sight of the isle picked my curiousity. Thus, I went through “fatigue” and managed to reach the Fate’s End Isle. The easiest way to get there is heading west of Fort Daelin (Stormsong Valley).


The isle doesn’t show up in the Kul Tiras map, nor in the Stormsong Valley map.


The first thing you see after reaching the Fate’s Isle shore are the two Drust Monoliths, and the cave (with two pillars at the entrance with the Drust carvings seen at Gol Osigr in Drustvar).


There are some shipwrecks around the isle. Nothing fancy about the isle, except the nature of those Drust Monoliths.


Thus, I began to investigate. I recalled seeing these carved monoliths before at Gol Koval in Drustvar, and then … I remembered some quests that told the story of the battle between the Drust and the Kul Tirans.

(Gol Koval images below — the pillar carvings is identical to the one at the cave entrance at the Fate’s End isle.)


I got the quests below from our Kul Tiras Quest Videos page — which reveals via flashback the events that led to the defeat of the Drust by the ancestor of the Waycrest house and the original Order of Embers.

1. Through the Old Roads4. Clear Victory
2. Pieces of History5. Drustfall
3. Honorable DischargeFollow up sends you to Falconhurst


Reading the whole thing, and then thinking about the isle’s name: Fate’s End, made me wonder if there was some connection here other than the Drust carved pillars in the cave’s entrance, and the Monoliths in front of the cave. I mean, why are there more of these monoliths in Kul Tiras and even in Zandalar (of all places)?

Here is a video that shows the location of one of these Drust carved stones — kinda hidden — near Warport Rastari in Zuldazar.


If there are more of these Drust Monoliths in Zandalar, that means Blizzard plans to use those for some end-game content that we aren’t aware of yet. Maybe something akin to Kosumoth and Lucid Nightmare’s hidden mount/pet scavenger hunt.



Inquisitor Cleardawn: There is an opportunity here. Learning more about the Drust can not only help us understand the texts that Lady Lucille found, we might be able to discover greater details about how they and their constructs were finally defeated. Filling in the gaps of history could be key to victory now. This was one of their settlements before it became the place of their final defeat. Let’s look for clues in the ruins.

Quest Objectives: Search the ruins for information about the Drust.


Progress: It seems as if the Kul Tirans in this stele are… Civilians? Sailors and some farmers?

Inquisitor Cleardawn: Wait, this is showing one of the early Kul Tiran settlements. One of the lost settlements. When we landed here we tried peace, but the Drust went to war immediately. Only a few tolerated new neighbors. But this… They’ve glorified the slaughter! The Kul Tirans don’t even have weapons!

(First stone examined: 1/1)


Inquisitor Cleardawn: It’s a victory over another Kul Tiran settlement. The large figure in the center is their legendary leader, I think. Interesting that we don’t see any of their constructs taking the field.

(Second stone examined: 1/1)


Inquisitor Cleardawn: HA! And here we are fighting back! Even their leader is withdrawing from the field.

(Third stone examined: 1/1)


Inquisitor Cleardawn: This is clearly Gorak Tul, their greatest leader. Ah! He is leading a ritual to create the stone constructs!

(Fourth stone examined: 1/1)


Inquisitor Cleardawn: This isn’t Drust. It’s a Kul Tiran carving over a Drust Monolith.

(Fifth stone examined: 1/1)



Inquisitor Cleardawn: Gorak Tul’s death shattered his army! The carvings here all show that, but now I wonder… Did Gorak Tul actually die?


There is another quest that talks a bit more about the Drust, and their Monoliths. The monoliths at Gol Koval can only be seen during this quest. Once you finish the quest, you can’t see the monoliths anymore.


Thornspeaker Birchgrove: My mentor sensed the activation of ancient powers here. We came to stop them but we were too late. We banded together with the rangers for mutual protection, but our task remains unfinished. There is a set of ancient cairns here. These help empower the Drust constructs. Destroying them will also help to settle the undead stirring from the land. Destroy the cairns and we’ll be able to bring sanity to this place.



Thornspeaker Birchgrove: The Drust constructs are drawn from the land, but the heart of these constructs is a runic power core. We have been trying to collect and destroy as many of these cores as we can. We know of a way to disrupt the magic in the core. Doing so will prevent more of these monstrosities from being created around the dark hearts and protect the land and all living in this region. Bring me as many Runic Power Cores as you can find and the Thornspeakers will see they are put to good use.

Quest Objectives: Collect 8 Runic Power Cores from Awoken Guardians.


Toward the end of the Waycrest Manor dungeon, we read from Gorak Tul that he had wanted to enact vengeance against the Kul Tirans for annihilating the Drust race, and it was Lady Waycrest who managed to give Gorak Tul the means to enter the world from his death realm.


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