Battle for Azeroth surprises me more each week. I have played the entire storyline Achievements on both Alliance and Horde. Zuldazar at least 5 times since Alpha. I still keep finding new things where least I imagined exploring.

Then the new patch builds introduce new content, and the discovery sometimes even shocks me.

After completing the three Foothold achievements in the War Campaign to unlock World Quests, I got a follow up quest titled: Breaking Kul Tiran Will.

That quest sent me from Zuldazar to Plunder Harbor in Tiragarde Sound.

What I saw upon landing there shocked me.

We have seen the female Dark Rangers before in Wrath of the Lich King — at the Ghostblade Post in Howling Fjord.


But… unless I have deep bad memory, I was not prepared to see male Dark Rangers in Tiragarde.


We know that Sylvanas has a dark plan and motives to wage war with the Alliance. We don’t know what the plan is or how she plans to execute it, but we have had breadcrumbs since early World of Warcraft: Legion — when she bargained with Helia to extend the lifespan of the Forsaken.

We also got some sneak peek from Christie Golden’s Before the Storm novel several months ago. Not all Forsaken wish to live long, but that doesnt’ stop Sylvanas’ goals.

Out of the Blue, Sylvanas is invading Stormsong Valley, waging war against the Kul Tiran — who conveniently have three Human model variations to add to the Playable Undead Human customization.

What better way to increase the number of Forsaken than to roll over the Alliance with an Azerite-powered War?

Did you see what Sylvanas do in the Battle for Lordaeron scenario? She not only killed Alliance with the plague in front of the gates of Ruins of Lordaeron. Even Anduin exclaimed that Sylvanas was killing her own troops with that unexpected move. Then she raised both Alliance and Horde’s corpses from the ground as skeletal minions — including Tauren.

So all these pieces of breadcrumbs lead me to think that Blizzard might be tinkering with the idea of bringing Undead customization options or Allied Races that include:

  • High Elf undead
  • Tauren undead
  • Leper gnomes
  • Troll undead
  • and so on.

What do you think? What would you like Blizzard Entertainment to do in terms of Undead customization options?

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