The recent Battle for Azeroth build finally flagged all characters to access Silithus: The Wound. There is an ongoing flow of Azerite-Infused Elementals assaulting the Earthern Ring and the Cenarion Circle where Magni used to be located at.

There is one of those Magni discs on the ground, but can’t be interacted with, which leads me to think there will be a quest to unlock access to it to teleport to the underground Titan facility where Magni gave us the Heart of Azeroth.

Among the Earthen Ring and Cenarion Circle high-ranking members containing the Azerite-Infused Elemental assault are Rehgar Earthfury and Broll Bearmantle. The video below shows the Live Legion and Battle for Azeroth Beta versions of Silithus: The Wound.

There is plenty of elementals to be found around the northern edge of the sword of Sargeras.

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