(A chilling thought brushes your mind.)

The Lich King: Hear me, (name). The Legion has returned. They hope to control us, to bend us to their will. Fools – they only walk back within reach of our blades. Your brethren within Dalaran have begun to gather at Krasus’ Landing. Go, meet with Duke Landral and all will be explained. Destiny calls you, (name).


Quest Objectives

Meet with Duke Lankral at Krasus’ Landing.

The Call to War



Duke Lankral: I’m sure you have many questions, but they’re just going to have to wait. We’re at war now! We have to move quickly, but I’ll try to explain what I can.


The Call to War


1. The Call to War2. A Pact of Necessity
3. The Dead and the Dadmned (Blood)3. The Call of Icecrown (Frost)3. Apocalypse (Unholy)
4. Following the Curse9. Mograine's Oath
5. Disturbing the Past10. Keeping Your Edge
6. A Grisly Task11. Advanced Runecarving
7. The Dark Riders12. Plans and Preparations
8. The Call of Vengeance13. Our Next Move
Class Artifacts Questlines


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