Grand Master Siegesmith Corvus: Corvus has been working for years to improve the forges. This weapon will be the perfect demonstration of their new design!

We can take your artifact to the forge and shape it to make use of the soul power it contains, provided you’ve fed your weapon enough souls first. Let’s give it a little try, eh?

Advanced Runecarving


Quest Objectives

Use the Soul Forge to empower your Artifact.



Grand Master Siegesmith Corvus: This tropic air is too damp, makes me feel like there’s flesh hanging from my bones again.

NOTE: Click the Soul Forge standing next to Corvus. The Artifact Forger UI opens.

Advanced Runecarving


Blood Death Knight Artifact — Soul Forge Traits



Unholy Death Knight Artifact — Soul Forge Traits




Grand Master Siegesmith Corvus: Oh yes… that will do nicely! Return after you’ve fed your blade another feast of souls and we will make it the most powerful weapon thta’s ever existed!


Advanced Runecarving


1. The Call to War2. A Pact of Necessity
3. The Dead and the Dadmned (Blood)3. The Call of Icecrown (Frost)3. Apocalypse (Unholy)
4. Following the Curse9. Mograine's Oath
5. Disturbing the Past10. Keeping Your Edge
6. A Grisly Task11. Advanced Runecarving
7. The Dark Riders12. Plans and Preparations
8. The Call of Vengeance13. Our Next Move
Class Artifacts Questlines


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